The Long Road into Starnberg

Man, what an interesting day it was getting to Starnberg, mostly towards the end. But the journey was a nice one. Coming directly out of a hotel near the Ostbahnhof and only stopping for 15 minutes to get food, and then finally make it all the way to(and around) Starnberg was quite a feat. Read more


So I am just posting low res for the time being, to save on upload duration. If I double post from one before, enjoy the picture twice! Click the entry to see them all. Read more

Thoughts on a Train

As I dive deeper into Germany, the depth of the beauty increases as well. I did not bring extra batteries for my camera because I thought the TSA wouldn’t allow them. So my main digital camera is nixed for the moment, but I am getting pictures of the countryside on my phone. It is better than nothing, but when I arrive in Munich, that will be one of my first priorities. Pictures are not optional. Read more

Quick Update

Sorry I have not updated this as much as I have wanted to. But, I did get some awesome pictures of Dresden. I have to say that this has been my favorite city thus far. I will do a quick upload of some here, and work on full resolution versions later. Click the entry for some pictures. More soon! Read more

Lost in Berlin

Remind me not to make use of metro systems in cities. I remember now that I cannot connect the dots between five different lines of transportation. But I purchased a day ticket so I could go anywhere. So I just walked my heart out. Overall I probably walked fifteen miles, and the rest was on the s Bahn and U Bahn.

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Insomnia, Jet Lag or Excitement?

So I went to bed at 10:30 pm local time. It is now 4:30a and I wonder why I am up. But I don’t think it matters. My body was in survival mode in the refreshingly cold weather. But regardless of finding out how the bus system works or calling a taxi and giving directions, I was in a state of wonder. I am here… And it is hard for me to believe. Read more

In The Air

I still don’t think that it has truly set in. I have just left Phoenix, and it is dark outside. I will be in London in a little under nine hours. This has all been said over the com and I am still waiting for the tv crew to pop out and say, “Just kidding.”

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At the end of “The Truman Show,” the boat that he has taken has sailed into a wall. He had found the end of his world, and he realized that there was more beyond it. And as he left, he took a bow and said (essentially), “Thanks for watching.” And he walked out the door.

I have dealt with a similar wall that I have pounded against for 16 years. In dreams and in my waking moments, I often fear that Germany only existed in the pictures that I saw, the video that was shown to me, and through the people that said they were from there. It has felt fake, perhaps because I associate a lot of fiction with computers, the internet and television. Is my fear well placed? Maybe not. But that is what humanity is all about, is seeing if something is real, or if it is fake. And as I write this, the minutes tick away until I am taken to the airport and board the flight past this wall. Read more

Fixing an Amperage Fluctuation in my ’99 Dakota

This is more informational than anything else, so it won’t fit into any categories I have on my blog. So be it, that’s fine.

Over the last few days, my electrical current problems have become a bit worse. Most recently, I returned from a trip in Prescott hiking. I pulled into the driveway and turned off the truck. I went to open the door, and my cab light didn’t come on. I checked the dash switch for it and it should have been on. No headlights, no stereo. Not even a turn over with the ignition. I fuddled around with the ignition a bit more, and everything came back on. I had grown pretty certain that my alternator was acting up again, and was breaking the circuit. Perhaps fiddling with the ignition barely pushed it into a good position to allow current to resume. Didn’t think much of it. Read more

The Rain


The voice of the wind carrying the mist that rumbles higher in the clouds. Many wish for the sun, or a clear night with which to study the stars. Read more

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