Everyone Goes Through Hell

Franz Kafka

This is my outlet, now

I made the decision last night to step away from social media indefinitely. It’s become apparent to me over the last few weeks that I have distractions setup for myself everywhere I go, and I am tearing them down one by one. This was one of those steps. I feel that I’ve been neglecting this website though. I’ve been neglecting sharing my views on life, and putting down what I think. The biggest benefit of this site, is for me to come back later and learn new things about what had happened before. Read more

The Way Out Is Through

I think I’ve been avoiding writing this, even though I’ve needed to. But I feel it’s necessary to do it so I can reflect on it later and, maybe, use it to heal. To my future self, you made it through. But man, does it suck right now. Read more

Shutdowns, Hostages, Tantrums, and Abuse

Let me get the words about the shutdown that have been stuck in my mind, out:

The GOP has decidedly held countless government jobs hostage in this shutdown until the Democrats drop the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans are making a point to tell the Democrats, “Drop the ACA, or these people aren’t going to get back to work because you’re not compromising.”

I’ve watched a lot of movies in my time, and I have seen many where bad guys go into a building, take the money, and hold people hostage demanding that they receive a getaway vehicle and additional money. They sometimes will even say that it will be the cop’s fault if a hostage dies, because they didn’t fulfill their end of the bargain. This does sound a bit familiar in the shutdown, doesn’t it?

A common domestic abuse case might revolve around the victim always being blamed for the hole in the wall that the abuser caused. To recompense, the victim may be told they’re not getting certain things. It certainly fits the criteria for a domestic abuse situation. It also sounds a lot like what is happening with the shutdown on Capitol Hill. Read more

Protected: What I Am Not

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Bitter departure, sweet arrival

Leaving Bavaria was a rather hard thing to do this morning. We had the chance to meet Axel, but it was for only one night. Despite the short stay, we seemed to make a tradition out of tinkering with something. This time it was with practicing making a VLAN. It didn’t go well, but we recovered gracefully. But leaving Bavaria on the whole is a very bitter thing. Read more

The Shed of Happiness

I am listening to Opeth’s “Watershed” album, hence the odd title. But I feel like over the last few days with good friends and food, we found something in the back yard of the world that is a shed of happiness. Lilith has recovered from a head cold, we find ourselves at the peak of happiness (I’ve used that word a lot already), and in bliss when we walk outside.

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Getting our feet wet

Germany, I could never tire of you. And I feel as if you’ve garnered another fan in the process– Lilith. She thought I might have been hyping Germany a bit all these months, but she now sees what I was talking about. Read more

First Leg

And so, it has begun. Read more

My brother’s rules for dating his daughter


Rule One:
If you pull into my driveway and honk you’d better be delivering a package, because you’re sure not picking anything up.
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