I have become more and more a fan of Árstíðir as I listen to them. Have a listen below, and you’ll understand. Their album is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Just fucking cool.

Don’t propagate and sensationalize mass murders

It will only serve to spur others on. I have said this for so many years.

Neil is such a hero

I Felt It Start Today

This is cool to revisit every once in a while

So I enjoy looking this over from time to time. The depth of the song in both a mathematical and lyrical sense is pretty fantastic.

Connor The Crusher– Be Prepared for Dem Feels

Well, since you ask, probably “Often”

Cool Moustaches? Often!

Are you ready to skate?

SLOMO from Josh Izenberg on Vimeo.

Dream: My Own Hunger Games

There’s so much that happened in my dream last night, and I can feel it slowly slipping my mind. It’s one of the few dreams I’ve had where it continued after I woke up a few times. (Hooray for drinking so much water.) Read more

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