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She is a myth that I have to believe in

Don’t propagate and sensationalize mass murders

It will only serve to spur others on. I have said this for so many years.

Everyone Goes Through Hell

Franz Kafka

Epiphany regarding H.R. Giger

Giger’s art deals a lot in cylinders, I’ve noticed. But he applies it with such tone and texture that it feels alien. I think the reason it works so well is because much of our architecture and design is boxed or rectangular in fashion. We have created very few things that are spherical in nature, and they often result looking very alien, or at least foreign.

I wonder what it is about the human mind that causes this, or if it is just simply because we are used to that type of geometry in our every day lives. Perhaps, if we had been more cylindrical in design as a race earlier on, cubes would feel foreign or alien to us.

So bear this in mind: if you want to get a unique look to your stuff, use a lot of circles and spheres (in my opinion). I think a cylindrical computer case would be fantastic, and probably be more heat efficient.

Halo Pillar

I am playing Planetside 2 Beta under the name Torlon on the Amalthea server. Hit me up over there if you’re interested in having fun.

Open Commenting

Hey all!

I have decided to leave open commenting for people who do not wish to register with the site, but still wish to leave a comment or two about anything I’ve posted. This means (potentially) opening it up to spammers. I have some filtering software in place, but we shall see what happens. If it goes awry, I’ll turn it back off.



Made a Meme

Made This Today


Fixing an Amperage Fluctuation in my ’99 Dakota

This is more informational than anything else, so it won’t fit into any categories I have on my blog. So be it, that’s fine.

Over the last few days, my electrical current problems have become a bit worse. Most recently, I returned from a trip in Prescott hiking. I pulled into the driveway and turned off the truck. I went to open the door, and my cab light didn’t come on. I checked the dash switch for it and it should have been on. No headlights, no stereo. Not even a turn over with the ignition. I fuddled around with the ignition a bit more, and everything came back on. I had grown pretty certain that my alternator was acting up again, and was breaking the circuit. Perhaps fiddling with the ignition barely pushed it into a good position to allow current to resume. Didn’t think much of it. Read more

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