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On The Mountain

Sometimes, I wish I would not hunger– that I would not need food, or drink, and could live by exploration alone. That wherever I went, I’d stand against whatever elements could throw at me, but still be vulnerable to man and beast. My mortality only realized by the threat of something else living, and not my own need to live. Read more

The Rain


The voice of the wind carrying the mist that rumbles higher in the clouds. Many wish for the sun, or a clear night with which to study the stars. Read more

The Hike to Bismarck Lake

(Most photos taken by Sidney. Feel free to click on them and enlarge accordingly.)

So recently, Sidney and I decided to have a hike out in the woods. I had done some quick research and found pictures of an absolutely gorgeous lake called Bismarck Lake. As we were heading to Flagstaff, I decided to throw it out that we leave early and get some hiking out of the way before we settled in for the evening with friends at a house. The landscape was absolutely gorgeous.

In order to get to this trail, you head out on highway 180 northbound. You’ll come across Hart Prarie road, aka FR 151. You then proceed east on it for some time. FR 627 will be on your right. Take it to the end, and you come across Bismarck Lake trailhead.

As we started heading north on the highway out of Flagstaff, we encountered a nice thunderstorm. It helped remind us that we were definitely out of Phoenix and in the high country. We were amongst a few other cars heading into the weather, but the smell was amazing. The soaked ground, combined with the pine permeating the air, gave a great reminder of where I grew up and enjoyed being in. Soon enough, we came across the road (which I had to make an abrupt and bumpy stop for, as it was quite sudden).

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A small trek in the woods

A venture recently with my friend, Sidney. Chronicled is her first visit to the woods in some years. Unedited, because this was a lazy, relaxed trip.

A trek in the woods

Tree of REmembering

The Tree of Remembering

I took this while I was out with family in Tennessee. It’s near Cumberland caverns, along one of the trails shooting off the lake.


I’ve always believed that roots carried more than just the tree.

This picture is unedited.

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