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A Demon Stopped By My Apartment

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” the demon said, coming into my door. “I’ve been stopping by for quite some time. I didn’t think you’d let me in.”

I eyed him quietly. He looked like someone I wouldn’t trust, someone that’d hold me back. But he looked normal. Looked like I would pass him on the street. He was wearing a button up shirt and some denim jeans and dress shoes. A bit upscale, but still casual. Business casual.

“Care for a drink?” I said, gesturing him inside and closing the door behind him. I pointed towards the sofa, inviting him in. His eyebrows rose, surprised at the hospitality.

“Sure,” he said. “Mead?”

“Of course,” I said. “I always treat my guests with the best of what I have. It is my hospitality.” Read more

Wrought Iron, Chapter Fifteen

Between the dim light that came in through the stained glass, the green jars that had been left about for procuring solutions, and the plants that were in the room, the small and round area proved to be a cozy, emerald-themed place. Along one wall was a bookshelf that was lined with many articles regarding the apothecary skillset. Along one wall, where there were some narrow beakers and his sword stood against it, Sigi worked on milling a few things. After a few moments he produced the ring from his pocket, rubbing a clean white linen cloth along the outside of it lightly. Read more

Wrought Iron, Chapter Fourteen

After corralling his men (and Thom’s lady), the group headed down to the dining hall, where Lord Talgret was hosting them. Clearly refreshed from the afternoon’s relaxation, the air about them bore a newfound energy. Eventually they reached the grand hall after traversing the keep with Solnos guiding them for a little over five minutes. Despite his casual clothing, Sigi still had his sword strapped to his back. Earlier, this caused Thom some hesitation, and much to his wife’s reluctance, he wore the breastplate to dinner. Read more

Wrought Iron, Chapter Thirteen

Lord Talgret was barely eclipsing his forties. His brown, short kept beard and long dark-brown hair was almost picturesque in how it was kept. He stood a little over six feet tall, his chiseled jaw matching how his frame was kept over the years, a few scars adorning his neck. Aside from a missing pinky on his right hand, he was well groomed. He sat in his quarter at a desk, wearing pants, boots and a light linen shirt while he looked over some parchments containing dispatches from the troops under his command. Before long, there was a pounding at his door. Read more

Wrought Iron, Chapter Twelve

The cool night against the moon-lit snow helped the dark riders alongside Sigi feel stoic. Though the road was clear, the snow on the sides of it had piled up in their absence, sometimes garnering a foot in depth. Within a few hours, they’d once again be outside of the lands of Rothgard, and within a day, they’d be at Lord Talgret’s borders. The crisp night air of the forest had a different sense of urgency tonight. It wrapped around the men, refusing to resist them because even it knew of the precious time they had to begin a counter-momentum against that which was slowly consuming the land they knew. It too, wished for them, and the others like them, to survive. Read more

Blaming 50 Shades of Grey for Bondage Accidents: Soon?

Admittedly, I have not read the 50 Shades of Grey book yet. But I am also not an avid reader. As anyone who frequents this site knows (and it’s not many), I enjoy writing a whole lot more. I have friends in the scene and so I have some familiarity with the items the book describes.

So, enter “50 Shades of Grey.” Everybody and their mother has been asking me about it, and want to know if it’s like the real thing. I can’t tell them, because I haven’t sat down to read past the first chapter. Should I? Yes. But there is something more pressing that I see on the horizon.

Most media outlets love taking something that is taboo and has become popular, and turning it into a circus that revolves around how it’s wrong. I know the perfect storm that they’re waiting for, and that is for someone to blame a bondage accident on a book because “50 Shades of Grey” described it. And I fear it’s only a matter of time before it happens. Mark my words.

In no way should the book be held responsible for it, should it occur. Just as much as music shouldn’t be blamed for criminal behavior, video games shouldn’t be blamed for violence, a book shouldn’t be blamed for something that consenting adults wanted to try. There’s something that people seem to forgo in the heat of the moment, and that’s assessing risk. That usually means people forget to put on a condom or use some type of birth control. In this case, it might simply be doing things too tight because it’s feisty, or forgetting a pair of safety scissors.

Or someone feels overwhelmed and suddenly says they don’t want to anymore, and they’re no longer consenting, and the partner is laid the blame in the bedroom and eventually, in court. It’s not the medium’s fault for a person trying to imitate it. It’s the person’s fault for putting it forth. It’s the “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” logic applied to bedroom kink.

The media will make a target out of a book, and author, if and when it happens. The media will try to link the two together if they aren’t directly related. “Is this accident because of the influence of a book?” One cannot blame an author for an idea when it’s the user’s choice to try it out, and not use their own common sense to think things through like risks, precautions and consequences.

It’s only a matter of time, I feel. And I feel bad for E.L. James if and when it does, for the blame he won’t deserve for just writing a story.

Wrought Iron, Intermission

So this is kind of a cheap shot, but this week’s entry is not a chapter, just an update.

Over the last few weeks, I have been either injured or busy, so I have run out of steam and just need to recoup myself. I’m hanging out with friends, but this coming week I am going to be doing two things for the story:

1) I am using this as an opportunity to put together a Facebook page for the story so people can “Like” it and get the word out. I want to get more traffic here so I can have more people read the story, because this is the full-bore version of me writing. And doing around 4k words a week with everything that’s been going on– including having the wind taken out of my sails with a back injury– I’ve needed to finally sit down and relax. I’ve moved rooms, and have been doing a few things with the job. Rest assured, the story is not dying. But I need you to tell people about it!

So share this on any social networking site you’re on! Tell people how much you love it, can’t wait for the next chapter, or how it saves you from boredom at work. The more the merrier, and it’ll help me garner some attention so I might be able to publish it later on.

2) When this weekend comes, I’ll have more free time to do this story. I feel like the last few chapters have been lackluster, and I think it’s because I am not sitting down and just getting in the groove of writing out at least three chapters or so at once. 10k words is an amazing feat, but easy when I’m in the zone. So next week, a new chapter will be out. You have my word on it.

More soon!


Wrought Iron, Chapter Eleven

As Sigi walked towards the keep, the village took care of things to be tended at the bonfire tonight. Now that the remaining men had returned home, many of whom had served under Rothgard’s hand for decades, the funeral pyre and processions could proceed that evening. Sigi kept his eyes forward, determined. He had not lost several men to the Goron to return and find his promised fund depleted before him. He knew that if the council seized the house assets, he would surely be delayed from an army. He would have to go elsewhere to seek it, and by that time, the Goron could already be on top of the southern kingdoms. Read more

Wrought Iron, Chapter Ten

The wind had settled down in the hours following the fight, allowing for a clear view of the stars that dotted the northern horizon. Just barely, one would be able to tell that there was a constant hue from the north, where the sun shone longer. Sigi’s attention stayed towards it, watching as the fires had died out over time. The men were exhausted, and not as battle-weary as other compatriots he had rode with before. It was just as well, he thought. The days ahead would become long, and the fight within them longer. Read more

Wrought Iron, Chapter Nine

As they moved on at a steady pace, the energy of survival lingered in the air. The pace of the men was brisk, many of them looking behind, except for Sigi, who kept his gaze forward as he carved a path. Behind them, growing ever greater, was the light bell sound of the Goron.


“Feh!” one of the men said loudly. “Why don’t they just hurry up and attack us? I want this fight done and over with!”

“Because they know to wear down their prey mentally before attacking,” Sigi turned and said. “If you’re exhausted from worrying about them, even in the slightest, it gives them more of an advantage. Expect them to keep at it for at least a few more hours.” Read more

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