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The Next Chapter

There has been a lot of myself, and my connection to this world, that I have witnessed over the last two years. Some beliefs have been reinforced, but some new roots have taken hold in growing ideas, wishes. I feel like I know what I must do next, but I will have to work hard to get there.

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Rape Recant Should Not Result in Jail

Having such a rule in place would hurt both the person falsely accused of rape and the person who wishes to come clean of their accusation. Read more

Imagine a struggling woman

Imagine a woman who worked at a fast food place while going to school to get a better education. She works nights, educates during the day and then comes home to a small trailer. She doesn’t get to eat much, and her downtime consists of things like laundry and cooking. She makes around $24,000 a year at one point, and is trying to make ends meet.

Now imagine she has two sons.
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There is a sense of trepidation whenever I reach a crossroads at my life, but usually I have some form of control over which road I choose. This week, that is hardly the case.

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A Demon Stopped By My Apartment

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” the demon said, coming into my door. “I’ve been stopping by for quite some time. I didn’t think you’d let me in.”

I eyed him quietly. He looked like someone I wouldn’t trust, someone that’d hold me back. But he looked normal. Looked like I would pass him on the street. He was wearing a button up shirt and some denim jeans and dress shoes. A bit upscale, but still casual. Business casual.

“Care for a drink?” I said, gesturing him inside and closing the door behind him. I pointed towards the sofa, inviting him in. His eyebrows rose, surprised at the hospitality.

“Sure,” he said. “Mead?”

“Of course,” I said. “I always treat my guests with the best of what I have. It is my hospitality.” Read more

Protected: I miss her

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The Change

I am writing this as my flight goes over the snow-topped San Francisco Peaks that belong to Flagstaff. But my writing was delayed because I just passed over the tri-city area, and it took me a minute to realize that I was looking at the majority of my life from miles up in the sky, all summarized in a small area. Read more

Patience and Tangents

It’s a test, I am sure. Life is trying that press on me again, where it is trying my patience before I really move forward with the next bit of my life. It just hits in the small, right ways that it knows to, and I am increasingly frustrated with it. Read more

I really haven’t felt this much fury towards a group before.. and then the thoughts spiraled

I was at the gym tonight, and while I was doing my warm up and stretches, I looked up to one of the TVs to see coverage about ISIL/ISIS. Then, I started thinking about the things I have seen on Reddit about their victims, and who they’re killing, and the people they’ve paraded before putting into mass graves…

My blood started to boil. But it wasn’t just about that. I was looking at a part of the human race that has devolved into this kind of senseless intent. It feels like they are hiding behind the mask of Islam– they’re not fighting for it, they’re using it as an excuse to massacre people.

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Protected: Lessons Learned, A Little Late

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