So, even though I managed to take the wrong train at the very end (despite looking at my route list several times), I got to Rothenburg. The weather had turned dim as I thought it would from the drive in, but the reward for this was blissful.

Imagine walking around in a city that has been behind a wall for nearly 700 years. Further, the streets are cobbled, and the architecture is very goth– especially the churches. Now, add that it is overcast and dusk, and there is a light rain echoing off the rock streets and walls. It is cool, and even colder for those unprepared. Finally, you can see your breath.

Welcome to Rothenburg.

I was sincerely hoping for a time warp, and to be called on to defend the town from a siege with swords and shit, it is that remarkable. The weather just added to the environment that much more.

So after eating at a local Italian place, I was still hungry. With the sun completely gone, I braved the increasing rain to find a second restaurant. I found a place that, when I walked in the door, screamed German at me. Benches with different groups eating alongside each other, good food and beer and laughter. I sat down myself and had a hearty meal. The hosts were nice, and it was just spot on for the town that I am in.

Tomorrow, weather providing, I plan to take a ton of pictures, and I also plan on getting to WiFi so I can post some prior entries with pictures. But, expect me to be in a frivolous mood with writing and stuff. It is just getting better and better.