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Bitter departure, sweet arrival

Leaving Bavaria was a rather hard thing to do this morning. We had the chance to meet Axel, but it was for only one night. Despite the short stay, we seemed to make a tradition out of tinkering with something. This time it was with practicing making a VLAN. It didn’t go well, but we recovered gracefully. But leaving Bavaria on the whole is a very bitter thing. Read more

The Shed of Happiness

I am listening to Opeth’s “Watershed” album, hence the odd title. But I feel like over the last few days with good friends and food, we found something in the back yard of the world that is a shed of happiness. Lilith has recovered from a head cold, we find ourselves at the peak of happiness (I’ve used that word a lot already), and in bliss when we walk outside.

Read more

Getting our feet wet

Germany, I could never tire of you. And I feel as if you’ve garnered another fan in the process– Lilith. She thought I might have been hyping Germany a bit all these months, but she now sees what I was talking about. Read more

First Leg

And so, it has begun. Read more

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