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I had written this many, many years ago. I believe I was 20 at the time, and I really hadn’t taken the time to proofread over go over my work at all. I am putting this up here for comparison in the writing styles that I had then, to what I have now.


I awoke in a tent slowly, my eyes adjusting to the dark. It was night, and the wind was flapping against the tent, and I could hear the low talk outside. My ears strained to hear what was being said, and soon I heard all I wanted to hear for the past two years.
The war was over.
I heaved a heavy sigh. I would finally go back home to Azironia, and see my friends and family. The idea excited me so much, I sat up. But the wounds hindered me, and I was back down on the cot. Soon I remembered everything I was involved in. The last battle was very hard and long; spells being cast, swords sparking, and peoples war cries that echoed in my ears. At the time, I was in my Elven primal state, a berserker rage, that cut through most that stood in my way. I picked up wounds doing so, and this was where I was being cared for.
But I couldn’t help but smile. The Great War was over, and I could go home. Home in the Elven wood of Azironia.
I looked around in the tent for my clothing and Elvish blades. I found both lying next to the cot, and slowly I picked up the blades. As I did, the rune-insribed blades faintly glinted in the candlelight.
I looked down at myself, examining my wounds. Apparently I fought well, as I had only one slightly big gash in my chest, but that was all, spare the scratches I earned. I leaned over to pick up my cloak, and I picked up some pouches containing herbs I would use to help heal myself with.
I pulled out some of the herb, and slowly stuffed it under the gauze, feeling the wet, swelling sore that had been dressed. Making sure I distributed it evenly, I pulled out my hand and wiped off the ooze with a towel nearby.
I was beginning to close my eyes when someone approached my tent. I was forced to squint my eyes from the light glowing from the camp fires as the tent was drawn open. I did not know who it was, even when the voice spoke to me.
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The Hike to Bismarck Lake

(Most photos taken by Sidney. Feel free to click on them and enlarge accordingly.)

So recently, Sidney and I decided to have a hike out in the woods. I had done some quick research and found pictures of an absolutely gorgeous lake called Bismarck Lake. As we were heading to Flagstaff, I decided to throw it out that we leave early and get some hiking out of the way before we settled in for the evening with friends at a house. The landscape was absolutely gorgeous.

In order to get to this trail, you head out on highway 180 northbound. You’ll come across Hart Prarie road, aka FR 151. You then proceed east on it for some time. FR 627 will be on your right. Take it to the end, and you come across Bismarck Lake trailhead.

As we started heading north on the highway out of Flagstaff, we encountered a nice thunderstorm. It helped remind us that we were definitely out of Phoenix and in the high country. We were amongst a few other cars heading into the weather, but the smell was amazing. The soaked ground, combined with the pine permeating the air, gave a great reminder of where I grew up and enjoyed being in. Soon enough, we came across the road (which I had to make an abrupt and bumpy stop for, as it was quite sudden).

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